A Web Developer or a Web Design

At the time you are confused about which skill to master when given the option of either a web developer or web design. To me every skill maters but it depends with your passion and what you really are good at. The education system at the start is not clear since studying computer science you can both become a web developer and a web designer. Have you checked this article on a must have web developer skills yet? Today we will go ahead and expound further and comparboth for you to decide what you really want to be either a web developer or a web designer.

Who is a web developer?

Web Developer

Web Developer is one who is responsible in coding, design and layout of a website according to a company’s(Clients) specifications. They design, create, and maintain websites and web applications. They are usually employed by companies specialized in software development, IT, or computer consulting.

Who is a web designer?

Web Designer

Do you know Web designers are responsible for the visual aspect, which includes the layout, coloring and typography of a web page. Web designers will also have a working knowledge of markup languages such as HTML and CSS, although the extent of their knowledge will differ from one web designer to another.

Skills of a web developer and a web designer

Skills of a web developer :

prior to our description of a web developer is I am sure you can clearly connect to what is needed of him or her.

The following are the main skills possed by a web developer:

  • JavaScript
  • XML
  • PHP
  • Analytical Skills
  • Responsive Design

Learn Web development skills

Tutorials point
Khan academy
W3 school

Skills of a web designer

Are you ready to be a web designer? If yes the following are the skills you need to be a web designer.

Have the following skills for you to be a web designer

  • UX
  • DESIGN SOFTWARE(Adobe suite)

Where do I Learn Web Design Skills


Being a web developer or a web designer needs one effort to learn the skills. With the above information it easier for you to know which course for you to take. The information provided helps you to classify yourself as either a web developer or a web designer.

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