Owning a motorbike or bicycle is some people’s dream. Gone are those days when only the rich could afford them though there are still some classic ones that require one to dig deeper into their pockets.

Of late people have started to emplace them as a mode of transport rather than on the olden days when they were used for leisure. Even the ladies are now comfortable riding the bikes.

Thanks to the new improvements in protective gear that the majority of them are using. Most people think as a biker the only thing they need to protect themselves from is cold by wearing some heavy or warm jackets but no. one needs to protect themselves more especially the head with a helmet and the knees.    

A biker in Kenyan roads

What does it mean to be a biker in Kenyan roads? Developed countries have some safe pavements for bikers away from the main road where they can ride safe without contact with other vehicles.

 But around here the roads can’t accommodate everyone and not everyone wants to share it. There are many times you hear some matatu drivers tell the bikers “we toka kwa Barabara” and I just wonder where do they want them to go?

As long as they don’t have their special lane then it means we all going to share that same road. Everyone has the right to use the road as long as they follow the rules. I just don’t know who told the bus drivers they own the roads to themselves. Most accidents the bikers encounter are involved with those buses.

We don’t have to keep losing bikers on our roads to prove that we have the same rights on the roads. We have to understand that most matatu drivers will not lose a lot if they knock you down.

Their vehicles can only end up with some little scratches unlike you who might end up dead and your bike in pieces. When you hear them blow the horn for you to move on the way just obey.

Don’t act as the hero who is trying to prove that we got equal rights on the road. We still have a long way to make them understand that we can all share the roads.

For the cyclist they have a more complex situation on the roads. Most bicycles have no side mirrors to observe what is coming behind them nor a loud bell to warn people ahead of them.

Some got poor lighting mostly at night or when it is foggy exposing them to larger risks on our roads. If then you must use the road with other vehicles involved them be extra careful.

Most drivers went to school to acquire their license but not to learn the rules. Therefore, be cautious on the roads to avoid more accidents or deaths and let us hope that one day there will be a system that will help us ride safely on the roads or some pavements entitled to two-wheel vehicles.

Milkah Macharia

A dedicated writer with vision beyond the glasses and insight based on day-to-day lifestyle. Upcoming engineer with aim of making it a better place by troubleshooting the problems encountered on the ground and trying to create a solution in writing Figuring it in 3D.

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