When it comes to the experience of boarding, it is some peoples nightmare while some would refer it as the best experience they ever had. Some people have been witnessed escaping from school after they could no longer handle the stress.

Sometime back there was this debate to abolish boarding school mostly for the primary school. Going to school should not be a punishment or moments to be away from your kids.

I liked the idea of abolishing holiday tuition for it allowed students to be with their parents on holidays mostly for those in boarding school. Also, a moment to relax your mind from a stressful term.

When it comes to doing away with boarding schools allow me to be on the opposing side of the motion. Some would say maybe is because I went to some nice private school with friendly environments to allow me oppose but I was privileged to attend a public primary school. Are you surprised? Yes there are very nice public boarding schools and with excellent performance.

I would consider taking my kids to boarding school but when they are most willing and in a position to handle themselves. A twelve-year-old kid who was “properly” raised can be in a position to do their laundry, clean dishes, wash the house, and personal cleaning that is can take a bath by themselves and dress up properly.

It would be unfair to have my 7year old to be in boarding school mostly if there are no matrons to take care of them. I would experience some siblings being taken to school and the older one left to take care of the younger ones.

Why would you be stressing someone else with those responsibilities when all they should be worried about is themselves and their books? Here are my reasons why it is important to take students for boarding school mostly from class six.

First a class six student is big enough to take care of themselves with minimum supervision. Most schools mostly the public schools have no one to follow up with everyone on the way they handle themselves.

For those kids who still bed wet might end up not cleaning up if not well checked and if not responsible enough. The student should be able to arrange their items neatly in the dormitory or classroom at this age. A well-arranged student will able to identify when something is missing. For this to be successful as a parent should have prepared the kid well while still in day school. By this, they have to ensure they practice it in their rooms back at home. Cleaning their uniforms well is also a sign that when in boarding school it will be easy for them.

2nd at that class is when we start covering serious topics that are examined at the finals. With this a student should properly forecast on their studies I would say with minimum distraction. For those kids who never receive a nice molding from the beginning, it would be best to start it from there than rushing at the final class. For those schools that do not spoon feed their students it becomes the high time for the students to know how to learn by themselves. Learning how to work as a group or personal revision starts to be natured at that moment. When in boarding school this becomes easy as one has all the time to achieve it and students around for discussions unlike when in day school when you have to waste time traveling back home every day and some an avoided task to do while at home. For a forecast student you will even notice some improvement on their scores when they begin practicing this in boarding school.

3rd, students who were in primary boarding school have an easier moment adapting to secondary school boarding lifestyle. Once you miss concentration in form one there are high chances of struggling with the rest part of learning. By now monolisation I would say it’s much outdated but that doesn’t mean one will automatically adapt the new lifestyle. In fact now days most principles are very strict with how other classes handled newcomers to avoid losing students after they report bad experiences in their new school. No parent is happy when their children are mistreated in school for there are even cases of kids dying in schools due to such cases. Unless for teachers that do not care majority are trying to ensure they offer a conducive environment for their students. The more the school is praised positively the better for them to gain more students.

Last but not least different parents hustle differently for their up keep. It’s not fair for a kid to keep transferring to adjust with their parents job placement areas. For boarding school you don’t have to be affected by where you parents live. Moreover you are spared the struggle of waking up early to travel to school. Mostly for candidates who need the maximum time on their books have an easy time in boarding. Imagine abolishing boarding school for those kids whose parents are pastoralists who can only offer education to their kids by such away! Some parents travel a lot locally and abroad and they know their kids are safe in boarding school when they can’t be in a position to watch them. Parents and students should have a freedom to choose what way is best for them. I think what the government should be concerned about is the safety of the kids in boarding school and ensure the school follow the rules to offer conducive environment.

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