Can you Learn WordPress for Free in a Week or Less?

Can you learn WordPress for Free in a Week? What is your goal, to build a blog or a website for WordPress and you don’t want to hire a designer? True you can learn and master the skill within a week. Learning WordPress sometimes can be so tiring when you do not have a goal on what to do. Let me take you through from a beginner to a pro in WordPress.To be conversant with our today lesson I would prefer you to learn on must-know WordPress terminology for every beginner.

Benefits of Learning WordPress

What is wordpress

About 22% of all websites are powered by WordPress making it popular worldwide. It generates thousands of job opportunities around the world, and there are millions of websites making money using WordPress.
Apart from the economic opportunities, WordPress enables people to share their stories, ideas, build communities and do awesome things.

Who should learn WordPress?

WordPress is for anyone may it a designer, developer or blogger. Its for anyone who wants to save time, manage his/her content.

Ways to Learn WordPress

The Five Best and Most Popular WordPress Themes To Use 2020

Youtube (since its free) the largest online platform is the best to learn from,
WordPress Courses and Certificates
Tutorials for Targeted Learning
WordPress Workshops and Bootcamps

Since we said we are going to learn WordPress in a week’s time. Today we will start by installing WordPress.

Initial installation:

The first thing you need to do is install and setup WordPress. This starts with a decision that you have to make between vs

For most businesses and individuals who’re looking to harness the true power of WordPress, it makes more sense to start with

Step 1: Download WordPress

When you open the link, you will get to see a screen like the following snapshot −

WordPress Installation

Step 2: Create Store Database

  • WordPress requires MySQL database. To create a new empty database with user/password (for example, user as “root” and password as “root” or else you can set as per your convenience).

Step 3: Run the Setup Wizard

  • Extract the downloaded WordPress folder and upload it into your web server or localhost.
  • Open your browser and navigate to your WordPress file path, then you will get the first screen of the WordPress installer as shown in the following screen. In our case, the path is localhost/< Your_wordpress_folder >.
WordPress Installation
WordPress Installation
Click lets go

Step 4: Run the install

Enter administrative information.

WordPress Installation

It contains the following fields −Site Title − Enter the name of the site which you are going to create in WordPress.Username − Enter the username as per your choice while logging in the WordPress.Password twice − Enter the password two times to protect your site.Your E-mail − Enter your e-mail address which helps to recover the password or any update.Privacy − It allows the search engine to index this site after checking the checkbox. After filling all the information, click on the Install WordPress button. After installation is successful, you will get a screen of the stating success as seen in the following screen. You can view your username and password detail added to WordPress.

You now have WordPress on your server hooley!

Check out for day 2

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