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Karatina (a town in Nyeri county)is a tourist destination due to its closeness to Mount Kenya and Nanyuki town. It has seen itself as a tourist hub thus attracting beautiful hotels to host the incoming visitors. Which are the cheapest hotels in Karatina, do you know some for your next visit? Cheap is always the factor, we check the price first before we decide whether we are going to visit somewhere or book a spot to stay or What is the prime factor do you look before booking for a hotel? I know everything counts but when it comes to the price I believe its the prime factor for everything. Remember when I say cheap I don’t mean you compromise with the quality of the product i.e the best room the best price. Thes hotels reviewed today will have all the best qualities you may be looking for your next booking. Today let’s look at some cheapest hotels in Karatina that will save

Cheapest Hotels in Karatina

The following are the cheapest hotels in Karatina for you :
Ibis Hotel Karatina
Omega Gardens Hotel Karatina
County Inn Hotel Karatina
Oldoiyo Lengai Resort and Bistro Karatina
Kings Meat World Hotel Karatina

Cheapest hotels in Karatina
Cheapest hotels in Karatina

Which are these cheapest hotels in Karatina?

Ibis Hotel Karatina

Ibis Hotel Karatina

Ibis Hotel (45-room hotel ) is located in Karatina, featuring a bar, a 24-hour front desk , Free WiFi and provision of an on-site parking.
NB: The property does not allow pets
Charges depend with the cheapest going all the way to $24
You can book via calling 0774 312566 or visiting the link below.

Omega Gardens Hotel Karatina

Omega Garden Hotel Karatina

Omega Gardens is located in Karatina and it has been in existence over the last 5 years.With Omega Gardens you get big savings from their prices. Get contemporary design and tastefully furnished rooms.What they have for you: a pool bar garden, gym, restaurant , fun park and camping grounds.
Prices go as low as $30

County Inn Hotel Karatina

County Inn Hotel Karatina

County Inn Hotel is located in Karatina ( a few kilometers from the Aberdare National Park and the Mount Kenya) in Nyeri County This restaurant specializes in local and international cuisine and serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Lowest price$30
You can review what others say about the hotel before booking.

Oldoiyo Lengai Resort and Bistro Karatina

Oldoiyo Lengai Hotel

Oldoiyo Lengai Resort and Bistro is a hotel in Karatina, Nyeri, that boasts of Health Club with Gym,Sauna, Steam Bath and Massage, Ground terrace cafe, Bistro, Premium Pub and alot more. All you want to know about the resort is here
This is one of the cheapest hotel in Karatina as you can watch a life chrocodile with just Ksh 100

Kings Meat World Hotel Karatina


Kings Meat World Hotel is located in Karatina with a clear view of Mt. Kenya Mountain peak. A restaurant and a bar/lounge are featured at this hotel for you to have a maximum confort while you are in there.
The Price ranges from KES 3,137 – KES 3,137 (Based on Average Rates for a Standard Room)

Factors to consider before booking a hotel

  • Amenities
  • Value of your money-Always choose a pocket-friendly hotel to stay in
  • Reviews-What is the other people saying about the premises.
  • Internet connectivity
  • Arrival time/ Checkout time -Check-in time is crucial for one not to be inconvenient.
  • Breakfast -Is the breakfast free and what time of breakfast do they serve?
  • Location-How convenient is it i.e accessibility
  • Hygiene – Everyone needs to stay somewhere clean
  • Hidden Fees-Check whether what you pay is the total amount needed or there are some other charges for you which may end up being expensive on what you budgeted


Choosing a hotel for your next vacation in Karatina or its surroundings can be difficult to find and at the same time easy to find when you really know the place. Most of the people want to have the best place to stay and at the same time spend less for there vacation. With Karatina growing fast the hospitality sector has not been left behind, attracting more and more investors in the region. The above 5 hotels located in Karatina can be one of the best and cheapest hotels for you on your next visit. Clearly look for the reviews to see what others have been saying about the property as well as checking the prices before booking. Check a review on OLDOIYO LENGAI RESORT

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