Which are the common mistakes we make at our early 20’s? At this age, most of us are still in there early years in university or in colleges. They are deeper in education with all the responsibilities given to their guardians or parents. Which are you? Keep come and comment on the comment section


Do you know this is the age that needs a lot of discipline? Most youths have been seen as resistant to change and have fallen into bad companies. Indeed, most of them have lost control of there lives at this age Do you know statistics show that most crimes are done by people at your age? Wrong decisions are made at this age. Today we go through the common mistakes a youth will do at his/her early 20’s

Top Things To Avoid Doing In Your 20’s

Top Things To Avoid Doing In Your 20's

Not saving money
Time wastage
Early pregnancy
Indulging in Drug abuse
Staying in abusive relationships
Being in a comfort zone
Getting into the wrong company
Bad peers
Forgetting about your families
Being dirty
The problem of not distinguishing between your wants and needs

The following are lessons we can learn on our early 20’s.

Not saving money

Do you know through commercial banks the youths have small or small savings? Youths have been extravagant with most of them having no future plans of their lives.

Saving at this age is rare for there are no responsibilities but rather expenses that are so unnecessary. Most people use their money for designer outfits, going to classy places, adventures, etc. forgetting there is a life before them. It’s so advisable that one starts to save money this early the moment they get a job that in turn offers you a comfortable life. There are many ways you can do your savings for future use.

Time wastage

Time wasted cannot be recovered. At this age, people see as if they got a lot of time. Instead of using this time when they are a bit free wisely so as to act as a stepping stone to the next level of this life. Since everything is probably provided by their children since they are either at university or in college, one tends to lack responsibilities thus wasting a lot of time doing nothing productive of their life. Instead you can do the following, equip yourself with new knowledge and avoid bad company

At this stage, people can do more with their time than later in life when they have responsibilities at hand.

Getting pregnant too early

A child will always come with responsibilities. If you get pregnant now when will concentrate in your savings?

The moment one becomes pregnant this early, it becomes hard to balance your life for you are not well financially to support both you and your kid. If one is earning, it will only be enough to cover the cost of living giving you a really tough time to work on other things. This is not the age Instead it’s such a great time to hang out with your peers and get to learn more and maybe improve your career or get business ideas.

Drug abuse

Mostly common drugs abused by young people include cigars, Cigarettes, khat etc.

 Most peers tend to abuse drugs at this age mainly due to peer pressure and not knowing what they really want from life. This negatively affects their tomorrow as it in turns grows into a habit or one ends up in a rehabilitation center. These are some of the decisions that cost them a lot. Instead they should be focused with the improving their lives and for a better tomorrow

Abusive relationships

What is your current relationship like? Are you happy in it?

This is the age whereby every person is trying out dating and getting intimate. Some end up with people who had no good intentions or who in turn cheat on them and breaking them. It’s not a crime to be single, a peace of mind is way better compared to a stressful life. If one is not happy in the relationship, the best they can do is leave for their own good.

Getting comfortable

Don’t get too comfortable with your living, have an urge to make it in life. If still in the comfort zone, then there is no hope for your success. Getting out there and risking all you can, will one day pay up. Just because some of us are still under your parent’s care does not give you the right to get comfortable.

Following the crowd

Are you happy with the crowd (boys club 0r girls club) you associate yourself with?

Trying to fit in or going with the crowd that tends to cost you later in life.  Success can only be guaranteed if you aware of the trends but not trying to adjust to them but instead aspiring to achieve something ignoring the fact that you alone in that road.

Wrong company(Peers)

It easier to get o a wrong company without your knowledge but still it becomes hard for you to leave.

It’s always advisable to cut off people who bring no value to your life and it’s for the best. Surrounding yourself with beneficial friends creates a good environment for you to be able to succeed and make great choices worth it. Many peers surround themselves with people who they just sit and have fun instead of people who make them feel challenged.

Forgetting about family

East or west home is best.

We all tend to forget that at the end of the end, the only people who will have our backs are God and our families. We focus more on our friends and forget our families. Men will try to put all in their relationships forgetting to build their families. Friends will always tell you what you want to hear but your family will always be genuine with you and guide you in each and every step you make.

Distinguishing between your wants and needs

The things you need are the basic things that you cannot live without. Although clothes are a basic need do you need to purchase expensive clothes while you can save the money for other things. People make unnecessary stuffs their needs making them to lose track and undergo unnecessary pressure that they can really do without. One should only consider the other necessities when they have already covered up their needs and still remained with more.

Conclusion on the common mistakes we make at our early 20’s

Although you may have found yourself in one the above discussed bad behaviors there is time to change, you can still turn a new leaf and make a productive life. Do you know most of these big inventors you here about never wasted their youth life? They worked hard to have what they have today. Indeed, being a youth needs a lot of driplines. Don’t say I wish I knew just make the hay while the sun shines.


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