How Do I Become A Google Ads Professional?

Have you you hard of google ads and you are wondering how you become a google ads professional? Many companies around the world including big digital marketing companies are looking for professional google ads managers/professionals . How would you feel when you would earn real cash just by running your clients google ad account? I know you are still stack where to start and how to do it. Is it you explained above? Then keep reading ….

Google ad definition:

Google ads is an online advertising platform developed  by Google, where advertisers pay to display brief advertisements, service offerings, product listing, video content and generate mobile application installs within the Google ad network to web users-  according to Wikipedia.

For those who are not familiar with Google Ads ,this is whereby advertisers place their advertisements on Google’s network so that they appear for targeted search engine keywords within a Google search result. Advertisers pay nothing until their ad appears and someone clicks on it. In the end everyone is searching for huge traffic.

The best way to improve these skills is by running live campaigns if you are an agency, partner up with Google to get more information, by using google online marketing challenge that gives you further training and also going through AdWords best practices provided by Google.



One can become a google profession through acquiring the various skills in Google Ads. Some online centers offer these lessons.They include;

Google AdWords certification

 This is a free online learning site. One can get certified by Google that adds credibility to your resume and gives individuals the ability to demonstrate recognition by Google. Google Ads, AdWords, certification program is available to anyone. In general, people who are looking for jobs in digital marketing or the ones who are professionals offering online marketing services prefer to get certified. To become ads certified you need to pass only two exams, the fundamental concepts which are compulsory and another exam from either display, video, search, mobile or shopping to become certified. It’s of two levels, individual and company.

Google AdWords learning center

This center one can undertake search marketing (SEM). Having this knowledge and some experience provides the basis for an internet marketing services career, and these professionals are in high demand. You may be able to work from home, for an agency, or freelance your services through sites such as Guru, up work, and others.

AdWords learning center

It’s a free online learning cost where you do not have to pay even a penny to learn. This is a google ads training on skill shop that offers access to detailed information in setting up and managing AdWords so you can gain knowledge and pass the exams. Exams are then administered by the third party google that is the AdWords fundamental exams and also one exam in the Reporting and Analysis Advanced Exam covers intermediate to advanced best practices for maximizing account performance using Google Analytics, Website Optimizer, the AdWords Report Center, and other analysis techniques, The Search Advertising Advanced Exam covers intermediate to advanced best practices for managing AdWords campaigns, The Display Advertising Exam covers intermediate to advanced best practices for advertising on YouTube and the Google Content Network


After having the necessary skills, one can sign up with google ads to start reaching new customers. One needs an email address and website for your business. If one doesn’t have a website, you can use Smart campaigns, the default Google ads for beginners.

What is your business about?

First, give some information on what your business is about so that they can customize your accounts setting.


  1. Enter your email that you want users to sign in to your account but if you have an existing email already, use your google email address.
  2. Enter the website address you want to use to advertise
  3. Click Continue
  4. Create a new Google account if you don’t have an existing one, click Create an account at the bottom of the screen and follow the instructions to create and confirm your new Google account, or if you have an existing one, enter your Google email address and password then click Sign in


  • Create very specific ads group

Each campaign should focus on a specific product or service so that the ads appear more to relevant customers. Relevance leads to higher quality ads.

  • Include keywords in your ad text

Including keywords in your ad text shows people that your ad is directly relevant to their search. When people search terms in your ad text, the ad that will appear will be termed as the most relevant to their search

  • Create simple, enticing ads

 One has to make his or her ad the most outstanding and that portrays clear information. One has to describe their unique features and the promotion they offer.

  • Choose your keywords carefully to improve your quality score

It’s often more effective  to use keywords that are two to three words long instead of just single words. All the keywords should be of high degree meaning. Also, you can group your keywords by theme, and then segment those groups into subgroups, creating a hierarchy of small, manageable keywords.

  • Writing high quality Google ads

One can use ad text tools that help determine the keywords to include in your ad groups. The relevance of your ad to the keyword, the click- through rate of your ad, the relevance of your ad to the landing page, and the historical performance of your account will matter.

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