How to recognize a professional hair stylist

Sometimes the best way to find a trusted hairstylist is through word of mouth. If you spot a cut or color you love on a friend or acquaintance (or even a perfect stranger), ask them which salon they go to and who they see there, Toth suggests. “Second, ask the person what their name is so you can tell your future stylist,” he adds. “Knowing who referred you will help the stylist understand what kind of aesthetic you like and who to thank for the reference.”

This is a crucial part of our article. Other things in the article are important as well, but not like this one, to be honest.

However, when it comes to this subject, knowing to make a difference between a good and, well, let’s say not so good hair stylist is essential information for you. Here are some basics:

Qualities of a good hair stylist

After five minutes of conversation with your hairdresser if he/she says/does some of these things, you’ve met a right one:

  • Really listens
  • Wants to make your wishes come true, but not in every case. Tells you what is good for you, and what’s not
  • Has some other suggestions for you
  • Understands you
  • Gives you outstanding advice
  • Redirects your wishes in the right way, giving you an example of why is something good for your hair
  • Asks you what you did with your hair for the last six months more or less (if you want to do coloration or chemical treatment)
  • Asks you about your home care range
  • Touches your hair to see the quality and a level of damage
  • Has ideas
  • Has lots of clients (not necessary, for example, maybe he/she is new in your city, or a salon is a new place, consider that

Locating a professional hairstylist

1. Ask your friends and relatives

One of the best ways to get the best service anywhere is through referrals. You see a good dress that you like, the best way to get a similar one is to ask the person wearing it where they bought it. Similarly, when it comes to well-done hair, it is always good to ask colleagues, friends or family members whose hairstyle impress you.

Through the same referrals, you will get to find out other things about the hairdresser’s, such as their pricing, whether they offer additional services, and any other questions that you might have. The good thing about getting such information from people you know is that you get honest reviews that are not influenced.

2. Book an appointment

Before settling on a stylist in Sydney, it is always a good idea to plan a meeting with them and get to know more about them. You will get to share your expectations, and they will also let you know what they offer. By having such a meeting, you get to learn more about the salon as well as the people who will be taking care of your hair needs. This way, you can get to decide whether it’s the place you would like to spend hours with as they do your hair. Through the appointment, you will learn lots of things that you might not pick through other sources, like the internet.

3. Don’t be confused by the pricing

While looking for a hairdresser, make sure pricing alone does not influence your choice. There are lots of other things that you ought to consider, such as location, distance, and experience. You might find a cheap hairstylist, but they are not well experienced, and you end up with poorly done hair. So before you settle on a salon, let pricing not be the only reason you choose them.

4. Check online for reviews

Hair stylist Reviews
Online Reviews

Good hair salons will most likely have a following online, as well as, positive reviews. You can go through their reviews before settling on them. Choose one with at least a 4-star review and above, anything less might be problematic. At the same time, you need to be cautious do not rely on online reviews because some are paid and can merely be marketing gimmicks.

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The conclusion of your choice

  • A hairdresser is a responsible person that works on your hair. You’re responsibility is for your decisions.
  • Think twice before you put your hair into stress. Before you make a dramatic change.
  • People say ‘it’s just hair, it will grow again’…
  • Nevertheless, this is the truth, but if you don’t have to make your life more complicated, just don’t.
  • Why would you cut your hair in the way you don’t like at all?
  • Why would you feel miserable about your hair?
  • Speak with your hairdresser, think twice when you want to do something with your hair and search online for more solutions. Use a proper hair care range at home, cherish our beauty.

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