Let us have a break on sedentary lifestyle

A sedentary lifestyle is a type of lifestyle involving little or no physical activity. A person living a sedentary lifestyle is often sitting or lying down while engaged in an activity like reading, socializing, watching television, playing video games, or using a mobile phone/computer for much of the day.

Most of us during our free time we are busy with our phones or following that latest series to have a topic to discuss with colleagues at work or school. Today’s kids are mostly involved in playing video games mostly FIFA games. A sedentary lifestyle can be very dangerous since we don’t exercise our bodies.

This kind of lifestyle is mostly accompanied by much eating mostly junk foods which can bring about some negative effects on our bodies. Sometimes we even get lazy to get involved in a small tasks like preparing meals and end up ordering online even too occupied to get the meal on a hotel as one is too “lazy” to walk there.

Solution To sedentary and lifestyle

Here are some activities that can help one have an active lifestyle. First, unlike in the olden days when you could tour the world on the country during academic trips in school, there are so many adventures companies to sort us out. Having nature walks or hiking is something that has been made easier by these companies.


At a recommendable price, you can have a chance to hike Mt Kenya or longonot or maybe the aberdare ranges. Hiking is very recommended as it involves full body exercise. One has even have a chance to make friends and experience a lot away from the house. You also enjoy the views, swimming on some rivers or pools and know your country more.

The hiking is also not limited to Kenya only some companies offer trips every where across the world!
Cycling also allow someone to exercise unlike riding a motorbike. This can be done indoors or out doors. You don’t have to own a bicycle to take part on that.

Bike Riding & Road Trips

Some of the parks like Karura forest and hells gate have them for hire. There are also organizations that got bicycles for hire. It is more fun when on weekends or free days you join with friends and hire some for road trips. Mostly in order to achieve a nice road trip is advisable to exercise before preparing your body for such pressure.

Gym & Excercise

In that case, it also helps one to hit the gym which is also highly recommended. Hitting the gym several hours a week is important for our bodies. It does not have to be necessary for bodybuilding but just pure exercise. You don’t have to lift those heavy blocks as you can just have the yoga or physical exercise like the press-ups.

Game Playing

Don’t just sit there listening to music, do some exercise as the beats hyper you up.
Are you a fun of playing games for example car races, bike race? Thanks to our technology and engineers for it is now available physics. Though it can cost some more pennies than video games it’s a great experience and made even better.

The driving simulation game involves a physical “car” with a screen to navigate a virtual road with different levels. The fun about it is that you will be driving like a normal car with gear changing and the likes and ask for your concentration to pass more levels.

For some of us who are poor in driving can engage in bicycle riding and when offered with 3d glasses to view our virtual trips it becomes epic! Don’t be enslaved to a sedentary lifestyle when there is just too much to do out there with a new experience every day.

Milkah Macharia

A dedicated writer with vision beyond the glasses and insight based on day-to-day lifestyle. Upcoming engineer with aim of making it a better place by troubleshooting the problems encountered on the ground and trying to create a solution in writing Figuring it in 3D.

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