Pain With Gain -True Corona Pandemic Facts

As the year began with the Australia bush fire, the poor animals in the forest who survived had to start a new hard life style. From their home being destroyed to some missing their meals and healing those wounds.

That is the same situation happening to as after the corona pandemic. Six months down the line counts as the period when the fire was burning. The suffering we are undergoing from losing jobs to missing school, losing our loved ones, falling businesses just but to mention a few.

And still, the fire is burning. Hoping someone is trying to put it off or a favor from above it is raining. With this, our lifestyles had to change. From that “comfort zone” we were into some harsh one. The heat coming with it was not to warm us instead of burning us but at least so far not to ashes.

It’s a hard moment such that you have no neighbor to lean on as we are all in the same boat.


Buried in stress and strain to ensure we have something over our heads and our daily bread we just have to adjust to changes which is a bit hard since it’s not our life cycle change. One of my neighbors told me there is a difference between skills, talent and hobby.

At this moment what most of us have lost are their career/jobs which mostly is part of their skills. And with no promises of when the grass that burnt goanna regrows or finds greener pastures, depression has become part of us.

A very hard moment when as a parent you can’t afford to put a meal on the table. Majority of us have even moved to cheaper houses or gone back to the village. All this is part of adjustment that we have no choice on. Someone said to me “am losing my mind.


I can’t be idle for a whole year. This is insane.” I could fell it too. It’s so boring and tiresome with no job or even school. 

This is the moment one has to figure out “what are my hobbies or talent?” sometimes even some skills you acquired and thinks it can work out at this moment. Time to make use of the internet in a positive manner.

Being idle can bring about so much negative effects like being involved in drugs or stress mostly to the learners who have much free time. Reading their school books might be less interesting at the moment but what of reading some good novels.

Interesting novels are just like a good series movie whereby after every end of a chapter brings about anxiety to follow up with a new chapter. Why I encourage reading than watching for kids it’s because it also helps build their vocabulary. At this error, thanks to the internet for you don’t have to own a library to read.

It’s good to open up with the family to learn ones interest. At the end of the pandemic what will you have done with all that time? What of value will you have added in your live or cv. The year doesn’t have to be of waste like most of our academic year.

There is the pain but must it be with no gain? At the end of the day your age will have a plus one. It’s never too late to think about it as long as the fire did not consume you. Life has to move on despite the wounds we are healing.

Don’t forget an accident can take a minute to happen but a life time to heal the wounds. Stay strong and let’s make this  pain be of gain.  

Milkah Macharia

A dedicated writer with vision beyond the glasses and insight based on day-to-day lifestyle. Upcoming engineer with aim of making it a better place by troubleshooting the problems encountered on the ground and trying to create a solution in writing Figuring it in 3D.

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