Sex Addiction and how to recover from it

whats a sex addiction?

Sex addiction is Compulsive sexual behavior i.e A condition that involves a person being excesivelly preoccupied with thoughts or behaviors that give a desired sexual effect.A person with sex addiction tends to seek multiple sexual patners ,great urge to mustarbate  ,be in sexual stimulating situations or even watch ponography.Its an uncontrable behavior whereby a victim alter their life activities in order to perform sexual acts multiple times a day.It tends to have a negative effect on persons mental and physical health,personal relationships etc.

Sex Addiction and how to recover from it

When do you know you are addicted to sex?

  • Making excuses to cover up for their behavior
  • Having sexual relations with multiple partners even strangers
  • Obsessive sexual thoughts and fantasies
  • When one cannot control the behavior
  • Feeling guilty after sex
  • Preoccupation with having sex that it affects your daily performance of activities

What are the types of sex addiction?

Psychological Sexual Addiction
Biological Sexual Addiction
Intimacy Anorexia Sexual Addiction
Mood Disorder Sexual Addiction
Trauma-Based Sexual Addiction
Intimacy Anorexia Sexual Addiction

Can sex addiction lead to murstabation?

Yes most people who are operating in this condtion will always try to satisfy themeselves by indulging in musturbation plactice.Masturbation -A means of indulging in self-induced sex stimulation of ones genitals for sexual arousal and pleasure. Studies have shown that sexual addicts are mainly the youth and teenagers due to early realization of the genitalia parts leading to masturbation in their pre adult life.

Youths indulge in masturbation for various reasons.

Youths are mostly affected by these sexual behaviours but why do they engange in murstabation?

  • For sexual pleasure
  • To feel relaxed 
  • Relieve up stress
  • Some to improve their sexual performance
  • To relieve their sexual tension
  • Some prefer to pleasure themselves rather than have sex

Pure truth about mustubation:

Although, scientist in a way may argue masturbation is a healthy activity to your mental and physical health, it also has negative impacts when it becomes a habit or addiction.

Some people feel guilty after masturbating because of maybe the societal beliefs on masturbation, spending too much time masturbating that it affects your schedule or work; it can also affect your relationship with your partner as one may lose interest in getting intimate with the partner.So i would urge you if you have never enganged into it since its hard to stop from it but for those who are in the behaviour its not too late or hope is not lost you can still come out of it.


Sex addiction recovery :

Do you know you can recover from sex addiction by doing the following:

  • Avoiding pornography

This is whereby free porn sites are available online. These sites will try to show you you can enjoy sex like a machine without knowing they are operating on some forces(medicines).They will prove to you you are not getting the best from your partner but that is not the issue…you end up enganging to ustabation to satisfy yourself. For the young people know that what you see perceives in your mind and act accordingly. Trying to fight the pornography temptation and avoiding the site itself will help avoid masturbation as well the urge to have more sex urge.

  • Avoid solitude

Privacy creates the perfect environment for mustabartion for there is no one to judge you or make you uncomfortable. During your lonely times temptation is at its best and one finds themselves indulging in masturbation yet they want to stop. Avoiding solitude and instead spending your time occupied with something will greatly help.

  • Choose a hobby

In case one is idle, this thoughts wonders in one’s mind, hence choosing a hobby diverts your mind from this bad behavior.

  • Find someone to talk to

If masturbation is becoming hard for one to stop, finding a trustee and someone who can help can be very helpful. At first it’s embarrassing but in the end one will get help. It can be your close relative whom you comfortable with, or your pastor, or your parents.

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Recovering from sex addiction and masturbation may be a lot of task as one may fall to temptations and find oneself back in the same situation. Being persistent and patient is of great help. Recovering from mustabartion addiction takes time and one might relapse in several occasions .But struggling and committing to stop the behavior, one will eventually stop.

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