The Best Types of wireless microphones

Are there different types of wireless microphones in the market today? Yes, there are many options when it comes to wireless microphones.

Wireless microphones are commonly applied in the entertainment industry, public speaking and television broadcasting to help the interviewers, artists, entertainers and speakers to move freely while holding the mic with no cable attached.

In our case today we are going to review not less than 5 wireless microphones that can be used by professionals.

Why Wireless microphoes:

There are many reasons/benefits why professionals would prefer to use a wireless microphone and they include the following:

  • Move without restriction-The speaker/user can move freely while with the mic
  • Its a clean machine-No wires
  • They are flexible
  • Easy to use

Different types of wireless microphones

The different types of wireless microphones include the following:

Types of wireless microphones

1. Wireless Handheld Microphones

Handheld Microphones
Handheld Microphones

These microphones that feature the highest quality of audio out of all of the wireless options due to the size of the diaphragm that is on the handheld microphones.

The microphone is a battery-powered transmitter that sends the audio signal wirelessly to a transmitter which connects to your audio mixer.


Due to their capability , they are used for the following :

  • Speeches
  • Musicians
  • Audience Feedback
  • Presenters who can hold a microphone while presenting

2. Lavalier or Lapel wireless Microphone 

Lapel  Wireless Microphone
Lavalier or Lapel Microphone 

The lavalier or lapel mic is commonly known as a clip-on mic as it’s a wireless belt-pack with a small mic that typically clips on a tie or shirt.

Some also refer to these microphones as a wireless lav.

 Through the reduced size of the microphone leads to a slight loss of quality, but often the increased mobility will make it worth it.


The following are areas where you can use Lapel Microphone 

  • Public Speaking
  • Interviews
  • Stage Performances
  • Houses of worship

3. Countryman wireless Microphone 

Countryman wireless Microphone

The following wireless microphone comes in high quality, light weight, comfortable, and discreet microphones and the best for public speaking. 

he capsule is also resistant to moisture, which allows for placement in hair and on bare skin.

In addition, its omnidirectional polar pattern minimizes handling noise, wind noise and plosives (popping).


The major uses of Countryman wireless Microphone include the following:

  • Public Speaking
  • Interviews
  • Stage Performances
  • Houses of worship

4. Fitness Headset

Fitness Headset
Fitness Headset

Fitness Headset is commonly referred to us as Madonna. It has a moisture-repellent hydrophobic fabric that protects the microphone cartridge from corrosion that tends to occur in humid environments.

 Perfect for the highest levels of physical activity.


You can use Fitness Headset wireless microphones for the following purposes:

  • Exercise Videos
  • Fitness Instructors & Entrepreneurs
  • Aerobics Instructors (Spin classes, yoga, etc.)

5.  Instrument Wireless Microphone

 Instrument Wireless Microphone
 Instrument Wireless Microphone

These mics (wireless instrument microphones) have a clip that typically has some extra rubber on the clip to avoid vibration noises from being picked up by the mic.

They can be used on any instrument that can be clipped onto.


Wireless instrument microphones can be applied in the following scenarios:

  • Live performance


Nothing can be more exciting than moving freely when entertaining your audience than holding a wireless microphone.

Depending on the application of the wireless mic it determines which type of a wireless mic you can use.

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