What is Kenya bride price amount? Will your husband afford you?

Unlike in the past where dowry was mainly in the form of cows, goats, or sheep, it was seen as a stabilizing factor in marriage, the rapid increase of education and urbanization has made it obsolete. A woman is priceless. You cannot quantify her worth. But if she is educated, independent, and moneyed, it means that she is worth more when it comes to dowry. A dowry is a form of just appreciating the bride side and cement the friendship between the inlaws.

Kenya bride price

What is a bride price in Kenya?

kenya bride price

The bride price also known as bride token, is an amount of money or property which is paid by a groom and his family to the family of the bride. In many parts of Kenya, the bride price confirms the validity of a traditional marriage and conditions the permission to marry in church or in a civil ceremony.

Factors considered when negotiating a bride price?

When you want to pay a bride price in Kenya You need to consider the following three factors and which mostly will affect the price to pay :
1.Education level
2. Family status
3.The number of Children

Common forms of bride price

kenya bride price

The bride price can be in many form and to mention a few can be infprm of the following:
2. Domestic animals
3. Presents
4. All th above combined

Kenya Bride Price
African Marriage

Education Level

A good and comfortable life is always associated with a good education level. The level of education has been seen as the key factor in much successful life as well as marriages. When a girl is well educated expect a higher bride price. Although many parents will educate their daughters to have a good life in the future , when they attract a suitor they will also be able to ask for a bigger amount as an appreciation of their good work.

Thus the level of education in Kenya is directly proportional to the amount of blind price requested.

The family status

Here comes another interesting aspect of marriage life. Many young men in Kenya and worldwide will tell you this aspect has made them lose the love of their life since they are able to comply with the inlaws request. Although love knows no boundary, Getting an inmate from a family of higher standard expect to deepen your pocket. We are not discouraging young men from having lovers from these big families but we are just saying that if you want to make sure you are ready to work hard to be able to pay a higher bride price.

The Number of children in Kenya bride price

This highly will affect those with children before they are married. Children have always been seen as a source of wealth in African communities. Marrying someone without children you will agree with me it is not the same with having with the one who has born children before marriage. When dowry price is being calculated is going to be higher or lower depending on the situation.


In Africa and many parts of the world, dowery has always been as an appreciation to the girls/ladies side for their good upkeep of her. It has always cemented the respect and friendship between the inlaws and thus it should be done in the right customs. Although there have challenges when one is interested in approaching the bride price he above issues but not all give you an instant on when next you are approaching the bride price issue.

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