WordPress Terminologies for Biginners

Some items may be hard for a beginner but today I take you all the necessary terminologies in WordPress.

Here are must-know terminologies:

  •  Themes
  • Dashboard
  • Plugins
  • Permalink
  • Widgets
  • Tags


WordPress backend

This is the very first screen you see when you log into the admin area of your website. problem in logging to your admin ? Use your site url followed by wp-admin eg. sitename/wp-admin

WordPress Theme

Wordpress Theme

A WordPress theme provides all of the styling and functionality of your website. This includes the overall design of your site, fonts, colors, page layouts, functionality, and more.

WordPress Plugins

Wordpress Plugins

A plugin is a way to expand and extend the functionality of WordPress.
Plugins offer a way to let you add features to your website that is tailored to your specific needs. Examples include: yoast


Wordpress Permalink

A permalink is basically a fancy way to describe a permanent URL on your website.
If you go to Settings → Permalink you can change the default structure of your permalinks on your blog.



Widgets provide a way to easily customize your website. Typically a widget performs a specific function on your website.



Categories can be used to group related blog posts together and to give a brief glance as to what your blog post is about.


Although sometimes at the beginning may be hard for a WordPress beginner I assure you with practice you will understand each and every terminology

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